Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday, June 03 4:00

Bear: Hey! you must really be stuck if you're asking me for help... What's up?
You: Hi
Bear: Hello there.
You: I am sending PDF as fax from my application..
Bear: Okay, hang on. You're sending what to where?
You: My application sends a fax
Bear: And I'm sure that your application is REALLY Cool. That's why you're talking to a robot bear about it. What does it do again?
You: Sends a fax
Bear: What Fax Driver are you using?
You: The Standard .NET fax driver
Bear: Thanks for the info. I can dig the Internet.
You: Anyway, it keeps opening up Adobe Acrobat, and showing the splash screen.
Bear: Your Application keeps opening up Adobe Acrobat and showing the splash screen?
You: That's the problem!
Bear: Quite an enigma, isn't it?

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